BobMoCo Middle-earth Glossary
Table of Contents
LoTR/The Hobbit
Elves in LoTR

The Silmarillion
Migrations of Elves
The Noldor & Vanyar
The Teleri/Sindar
Elven Trees
Alphabetical List

LoTR/The Hobbit
Principal Hobbits

Durin's Line
LoTR/The Hobbit
Men in LoTR
The Dunedain of The North
The Dunedain of The South
The Stewards of Gondor
Kings & Marshals of Rohan
Princes of Dol Amroth
Lords of Gondor
Kings of Dale

The Silmarillion
Migrations of Men
The Houses of Men
The House of Beor
The Haladin/Men of Brethil
The House of Hador/Folk of Marach
The Tribes of Bor & Ulfang
The Numenoreans
Alphabetical List: A-G
Alphabetical List: H-Z
LoTR/The Hobbit
Place Names: A-K
Place Names: L-Z
Mountains & Hills
Rivers & Lakes
Towers & Fortresses
Provinces: Gondor & Rohan

The Silmarillion
Beleriand etc
Rivers & Mountains
Celestial Bodies

Pre-First Age
The First Age
The Second Age
The Third Age
LoTR/The Hobbit
Other Names 
& Terms

The Slain
Rings & Swords
The Ring Company
Bilbo's Company

The Silmarillion
Other Names 
& Terms

LoTR/The Hobbit
Spirits & Creatures

The Silmarillion
The Powers of Arda
~ LoTR - Index to Men, Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves, Spirits & Creatures - Hobbit ~
Further Reading
Name Derivations
A Note on Ancestry
The Amroth Legacy
Aragorn's Ancestry
The Nature of Elves & Men
High-Elves in the Third Age
Galadriel - Introduction
Galadriel, Lady of Lothlórien
Elrond - An Introduction
Elrond, LoreMaster of Imladris
The Council
of Máhanaxar

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